Jellycat Cuddlebud Darcy Dormouse




Meet Cuddlebud Darcy Dormouse, the plush friend who weaves dreams and comfort into every cuddle. With his gentle demeanor and the magic he carries, Darcy is more than just a dormouse – he’s a bridge between the waking world and the realm of slumber.

Darcy’s plush fur and serene expression create an immediate sense of calm and tranquility. Much like a guardian of dreams, he’s always there to lend solace during quiet moments and be a source of comfort in the night.

Crafted with the softest materials, Cuddlebud Darcy Dormouse offers more than just a hug – he brings a touch of enchantment to your embrace. Whether you’re seeking a cuddly friend, a silent companion, or simply a reminder of the beauty of dreams, Darcy is the plush buddy you’ve been longing for.

Unlike his nocturnal counterparts, Darcy requires no moonlit forests – only your companionship. With each cuddle, you’ll feel the gentle embrace of dreams and the assurance that a peaceful slumber is within reach.

Darcy’s presence on your bed, shelf, or any cozy spot in your space fills the air with a sense of serenity and wonder. He’s an ideal gift for anyone seeking a connection between waking and dreaming worlds, nature enthusiasts, and anyone eager to explore the realm of dreams through cuddles.

With Cuddlebud Darcy Dormouse, every cuddle is an invitation to explore the landscapes of dreams and embrace the comfort of the night. Dive into the realm of cuddles, enchantment, and soothing rest with the Jellycat Cuddlebud Darcy Dormouse Plush.

Key Features:

Dormouse-inspired plush with plush fur and serene expression
Soft and huggable materials for dream-filled cuddles
Brings comfort and tranquility to any moment
Perfect for dreamers and plush enthusiasts
Evokes a sense of enchantment and restful peace
A constant reminder of the beauty of dreams
Immerse yourself in the embrace of dreams and comfort with the Jellycat Cuddlebud Darcy Dormouse Plush. Order now and embrace a world of slumber, magic, and cuddly companionship!

Dimensions: ONE SIZE – H16 X W10 CM

Tested to and passes the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3, for all ages.
Suitable from birth.
30 degree Celsius wash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron.
Check all labels upon arrival of purchase.

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